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Automation processes such as maintenance and management of power lines, prevention of health and nature protection is one of the hot topics in the field of electricity distribution and energy transmission systems of the future.

Drones bring fresh air with their unique capabilities as agility, availability and flexibility across many industries.

“At Lambda solutions, we focus on solving specific tasks performed in the field of high and very high voltages up to 400 kV. We are the unicorn in the world that can operate in the area of ​​phase conductors under full load with the possibility of physical contact. ”

This attribute eliminates the need to disconnect distribution nodes from voltage, and thus perform the necessary tasks as management, maintenance and monitoring of the power lines while ensuring a constant supply of energy to end users.
Drones allow us to install bird diverters onto the affected routes in areas and places where you cannot get by conventional methods or by helicopter.
Our technology prevents the excessive death of endemics and directly increases the reliability of transmission systems, thus saving loads of money and direct expenses of electricity providers and distributors.

Our experienced team (pilot and assistant) can use the Lambda ONE drone to install diverters based on clamp mounts ( i.e. fireflies from Hammar Produkter ) in the environment above water bodies, in PLAs, hard-to-reach terrain and in worsened weather conditions.

  • Daily estimated installed capacity ~ 20 – 100 diverters / team
  • Annual estimated installed capacity ~ 10,000 diverters / team
  • Worldwide operations

Installation is possible on distribution and transmission systems in the range from 22 kV – 400 kV inclusive.

No need to disconnect the affected distributing nodes from power.

  • Possibility to work under voltage up to 400kV
  • No need to disconnect the line from the power supply
  • Price of the service compared to common installation methods
  • Direct cost savings compared to common installation methods
  • High flexibility and operability
  • Reduced technical background
  • Minimization of field damage
  • Low risk of injury to the operator
  • Possibility to work in a protected area, over water areas and hard to reach terrain
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About us

The idea of using the installation of wild bird flight deflectors on high-voltage lines was born and materialized already 5 years ago. Historically, we are the originators of this idea, and the first installations realized by us in Hungary, France, and Cyprus caused a strong positive response from the professional and lay public.

From idea to product

Since then, we have developed an innovation with a global reach into a full-fledged product. We modernized, i.e. iteratively optimized and achieved a robust, scalable drone platform ready to cover a wide range of our client's problems.

All in one place

The goal of Lambda solutions is to offer the market a comprehensive service in the field of installation of wild bird flight deflectors, from the selection of the most suitable solution, through its procurement, possible modification of our drone superstructure to the installation itself.

Transforming technical challenges into solutions

We are engineers and developers who enjoy technical challenges and turning the impossible into reality.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us regarding cooperation on research and development activities, where we could incorporate our Lambda ONE drone platform.


Andrej Špánik


This is the third generation of a drone completely made for the purpose of installing diverters on the powered phase conductors. Our unique solution has passed full certification and is competent to perform the hard work.

Lambda One is able to work in strong electromagnetic fields, in fog and offers stable operation even at wind speeds up to 30 km/h.

Basic tech. specifications:

  • Lightweight and portable 3D printed body
  • Modified control electronics
  • Camera and ultrasound guidance (in progress)
  • Quad motors and propellers
  • Interchangeable superstructure – clipping mechanism
  • Superstructure adapted for hanging Hammar Produkter / Carbon 2050 / Preformed pliers
  • Possible to scale up to 150kg of uplift weight


Maintenance of power lines and installation of divers with a helicopter is prohibited in many countries, including Germany and Slovakia. Therefore, the only legal alternative to aerial work is drones.


The basic advantage of drones is affordability and reach even to locations where it is not possible to build a high-lift platform under any circumstances.

Manual installation

Drone installation, unlike manual installation, is possible without disconnecting the power supply node and the need to manipulate the wires in any way.Manual installation, despite the disconnection of the lines from the power supply, is of a high risk and costly if the wires have to be removed from the poles.

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